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Exploring the artistic wonders [Dean] - Posted By Meg Phoenix (meg) on 21st Jun 12 at 10:17am
Of course, being as bored as bored could possibly get, Meg was going to go for a big stroll around town when she decided that she would go into the museum instead, since she hadn't been there before. Besides, after spending a while at the newly-built amazing tree house that had just about everything a person could ask for, she needed to explore a little bit. Making her way into the large building, she immediately looked around. It was good to look around something unfamiliar to her. Then as she made her way into the paintings section, she noticed Dean, the quiet boy who had helped out with the tree house. Perhaps he really liked art, and maybe she could get him talking a bit if she started a topic on art. "Dean." She waved and approached with a big smile on her face.

Re: Exploring the artistic wonders [Dean] - Posted By Dean Daverman (dean) on 21st Jun 12 at 10:30am
Dean was also bored, and he had completed everything that had been asked of him during school, which meant that he had nothing left to study. It wasn't like he had to go over things more than once anyway, due to his ability, he could remember anything he wanted. Since he loved to draw, and most art in general, he decided to take a break from everybody and go to the local museum. Dean hadn't said a word to anybody all day (typical Dean). And then Meg approached, and he recognised her straight away as the girl who had helped out with the tree house. He looked to her as she drew closer, sighing ever so slightly out of annoyance. Although she was lovely, he wanted to be alone.

Re: Exploring the artistic wonders [Dean] - Posted By Meg Phoenix (meg) on 21st Jun 12 at 10:59am
"Oh Dean.. Don't be so sour.." She said with a grin, then looked to the picture on the wall. This was the renaissance section, and the paintings were very well protected. They had to stand 5 feet away from most of them. Meg decided that she was going to follow Dean, maybe to get on his nerves, but also, she didn't mind his company. This wasn't something she would do very often, generally she would leave people alone when they wanted to be alone, but not today. Dean was special. Surprisingly, it wasn't as awkward as she had thought it was going to be following Dean around, but she came to an immediate halt and did a double take when she saw one painting in particular. Meg couldn't help but grab Dean and turn his attention towards it. "Dean. Look." She pointed at the painting. Due to the artist, it was very well protected. It read, Leonardo Da Vinci, circa 1480, person in portrait unknown "Dean.. That's, that's Levi.."