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Welcome to Carpe Noctum. It's the year 2016. Four years have past since the big battle between the people of Carpe Noctum and the Rose Alliance. But bigger and more evil beings are roaming in the outskirts of the town, preparing for the ultimate attack. No one is safe. Who's side are you on and the question is. Are you prepared to fight for what's right or what is easy? The choice is yours.

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5th - Darren O'Brien
6th - John Bernstein
18th - Ian & Reina LaCroix
21st - Aidan Lesedi, Breanna Carter



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Carpe Noctum :: Home
The Beginning
No New PostsFirst Step33 Topics - 254 Posts
Here you can find the rules, plot and faqs. And the first board to even look in before you start doing anything. If you still feel lost then feel free to ask in the chat box, intro board or send one of the staff a PM.
Sub-Boards: Rules and Guidelines, Story Line, FAQs
Led By: Administrators
22nd Jun 12 at 5:29am UTC by Ryder St. John
in Rules [Upd. 28/07/11]
No New PostsForum Announcements27 Topics - 126 Posts
Here you can find the latest announcements from the admins, webmaster etc.
Sub-Boards: Archived Announcements
Led By: Administrators
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No New PostsEvents8 Topics - 22 Posts
Here you can find anything about various events, birthday greetings and so on. Wish someone a happy birthday, congrats on a new job.Led By: Official Helpers
18th Jun 12 at 1:42pm UTC by Leona de Nóil Lémón
in 4th of July
No New PostsMall1 Topics - 19 Posts
You can buy anything here. From clothes to baseball bats.Led By: Selena Lowell, Sophia Nóillión
9th Jun 12 at 10:24am UTC by Levi Casimir
in Very long time no see [Len...
No New PostsCarpe Noctum High4 Topics - 83 Posts
This is where the high school students go to school.Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
11th Jun 12 at 2:57pm UTC by Grace Jones
in Prom yeah?
No New PostsLibrary0 Topics - 0 Posts
It's very quiet and is the ideal place to finish your homework or study for finals, or maybe just lounge around and read a good book.Led By: Selena Lowell
No recent Posts
No New PostsCarpe Noctum University0 Topics - 0 Posts
If your are a college student this is where you go to schoolLed By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
No recent Posts
No New PostsFitness Centre0 Topics - 0 Posts
This is where you can work out of exercise as long as you want. It's an indoor place with god facilities and cozy places, plus with good looking guys and girls.Led By: Serena Twilight
No recent Posts
No New PostsOffice Building1 Topics - 7 Posts
Here you can find multiple corporations. This is where the big shots are making money.Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
22nd Jun 12 at 7:51am UTC by Maggie Green
in Just another casual day [H...
No New PostsTown Square1 Topics - 16 Posts
This is where people meet in the summer, sitting near the big fountain. And around Christmas you can see the huge Christmas tree.Led By: Alexandria Hunter, Sophia Nóillión
31st May 12 at 10:49am UTC by Gianna Dimarco
in Welcome Distraction? ((open))
No New PostsTown Hall0 Topics - 0 Posts
Where the mayor has his office and where trials takes place if someone hasn't behaved.
No recent Posts
No New PostsMidnight Museum2 Topics - 4 Posts
The museum contains everything from human to vampire, and werewolf art.Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
21st Jun 12 at 11:59am UTC by Meg Phoenix
in Exploring the artistic won...
No New PostsHomes0 Topics - 5 Posts
This is where you tell about where you live and what goes on in your house. You can have as many visitors as you want.
Sub-Boards: Bernstein Family Pack's Apartments, Sophia La Roux' House
Led By: Lucian LaCroix, Selena Lowell
4th Jun 12 at 12:40am UTC by Eileen Hunter
in Stay In (Richard)
No New PostsThe Red Moon Club5 Topics - 96 Posts
This is the biggest nightclub in Carpe Noctum.

No kids allowed (Over 21 only)
Led By: Serena Twilight
22nd Jun 12 at 8:11pm UTC by Ryder St. John
in Night Away (Ryder & Open)
No New PostsBar1 Topics - 13 Posts
A perfect place for hanging out with friends and partners. This bar has dark decorations and dim illumination. Oh, and no kids allowed (Over 21 only)Led By: Lucian LaCroix
17th May 12 at 9:20pm UTC by Trace
in A Hellishly Unholy Reunion...
No New PostsWarehouses0 Topics - 0 Posts
Just some old abandoned warehouses on the edge of town. Nobody is supposed to go around them, but don't let that stop you. It's not like you go to jail or anything and rules were made to be broken.Led By: Fayth "Hex" Moonlight
No recent Posts
No New PostsMotel1 Topics - 8 Posts
Only a town for a couple of nights, kicked out from home or just need some privacy, then rent a room.

Led By: Selena Lowell
29th May 12 at 9:03pm UTC by Brico
in Recovery (Brico)
No New PostsPolice Station0 Topics - 0 Posts
Found a purse, seen a crime or committed a crime, well then this is the place to go and be.Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón, Alexandria Hunter
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No New PostsThe Fair3 Topics - 90 Posts
Here you can visit the haunted house, win a teddy, get a rush by taking one of the rides or perhaps try the Ferris Wheel.Led By: Serena Twilight
22nd Jun 12 at 7:55am UTC by Zacharias grimm
in Fair Date (Zack+open)
No New PostsBoard Walk2 Topics - 11 Posts
This is where you go to hang out with friends. In the winter it is close to deserted, if you need some time alone.Led By: Serena Twilight
11th Jun 12 at 3:53am UTC by Celia Lesedi-Twilight
in Unexpected Run-Ins (Davie)
No New PostsBeach Side Café1 Topics - 4 Posts
This is just a small cafe next to the beach. Tourists say they have the best food they have ever tasted.Led By: Serena Twilight
21st Jun 12 at 1:53am UTC by Raine Sterling
in Long Time No See (Raine+open)
No New PostsThe Beach2 Topics - 7 Posts
Led By: Selena Lowell
10th Jun 12 at 4:27pm UTC by Reina LaCroix
in Frustration? [open]
No New PostsThe Harbour0 Topics - 0 Posts
Here you can find the docs. It can be rather scary around these parts at night. Humans usually don't come down here after hours.
Sub-Boards: The Marina, Milady Noil
Led By: Sophia Nóillión
No recent Posts
No New PostsForest7 Topics - 153 Posts
This is just the forest. Werewolves can come here to hunt. Vampires who drink animals' blood are welcome too. Or you can just come to explore.Led By: Serena Twilight
21st Jun 12 at 11:32pm UTC by Luna
in Run in (Marcello & open)
No New PostsLake2 Topics - 29 Posts
The water here is very clear and beautiful. You swim or do anything you like.Led By: Fayth "Hex" Moonlight
21st Jun 12 at 2:19pm UTC by Marcello Mendes
in The Runaway (Marcello)
No New PostsRiver2 Topics - 46 Posts
The rapids here are very dangerous, so I don't suggest swimming.Led By: Serena Twilight
19th Jun 12 at 2:23pm UTC by Alyssa Phoenix
in Dumped and Left There
No New PostsMountains3 Topics - 42 Posts
These are the mountains. They are very beautiful and most are easy to climb.
Sub-Boards: Cliffs, Caves, Slopes, The Mines
Led By: Selena Lowell
21st Jun 12 at 7:25pm UTC by Leonora Lémón
in Going Insane (Missy & ...
No New PostsThe Quarry0 Topics - 0 Posts
Here they quarried granite back in the 19th century. The quarry is now closed and has been for decades.
Be careful though, you never know what the state the quarry is in.
Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
No recent Posts
Humans' Area
No New PostsSuburbia8 Topics - 530 Posts
This is where the most humans live in peace.

Vampires & Werewolves are NOT allowed
Led By: Selena Lowell
22nd Jun 12 at 9:20pm UTC by Arthur James Le Roux
in Anniversary Chaos (AJ)
No New PostsThe Park0 Topics - 0 Posts
A nice park where the humans can go for a walk or walk their dog.
Vampires & Werewolves are NOT allowed
Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
No recent Posts
No New PostsThe Creek1 Topics - 8 Posts
Here you can enjoy the beautiful view or listen to the creeks soft noises.
Vampires & Werewolves are NOT allowed.
Led By: Serena Twilight
18th May 12 at 6:34pm UTC by Jamie Le Roux
in Mother & Daughter (Jam...
Vampires' Area
No New PostsCastle1 Topics - 5 Posts
This place is an old abandoned castle on the outskirts of the city. On the outside it looks shabby and broken down, but on the inside it is extremely nice looking. All vampires are welcome here, this place is a safe haven for vampires.
Humans & Werewolves are NOT allowed
Led By: Serena Twilight
22nd Jun 12 at 12:34pm UTC by Artemys Twilight
in Away From Home (Open)
No New PostsCave0 Topics - 0 Posts
This place is old and nasty. It stinks and is damp. But if you're looking for a place to hide, this spot is perfect. No one can smell you over the cave, and it has plenty of nooks and crannies so that they can't see you either.
Humans & Werewolves NOT allowed
Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
No recent Posts
No New PostsThe Hunting Grounds0 Topics - 0 Posts
Select vampires go out and capture humans. Then they put them here for you. I know it seems kind of cruel, but this place is here so that every body will have enough food. And think about it this way, at least you won't get caught and put into jail.
Humans & Werewolves NOT allowed
Led By: Serena Twilight
No recent Posts
Werewolves' Area
No New PostsWerewolf Forest1 Topics - 8 Posts
This is the place where you can go hunting or basically do anything. This is werewolf territory, so you don't have to worry about vampires coming up and ruining your day.
Humans & Vampires NOT allowed
Led By: Lucian LaCroix
22nd Jun 12 at 8:21am UTC by Levi Casimir
in A Wary Hunt (Open)
No New PostsValley0 Topics - 0 Posts
This place is like a safe haven for werewolves. To humans and vampires it looks like a regular valley, when a werewolf looks at it, its whole outlook changes. When a werewolf looks at it, they see a valley with a huge villa sitting right in the middle of it. Humans & Vampires NOT allowedLed By: Selena Lowell
No recent Posts
No New PostsCemetery0 Topics - 0 Posts
This cemetery is old and nasty. Most werewolves never come here, unless you're an adolescent werewolf. They come here almost every night to play around, dare each other to do silly things and basically just be teenagers.
Humans & Vampires NOT allowed
Led By: Serena Twilight
No recent Posts
The Ghost Town
No New PostsSaloon1 Topics - 16 Posts
Old and dusty saloon from the good old days. You might be lucky to find an old bottle of whiskey somewhere....maybe

Slayers and Hunters allowed only
Vampires, Werewolves, Witches and Warlocks will be killed if they enter. Humans will be booted out.
Led By: Sophia Nóillión
17th Jun 12 at 8:42pm UTC by Georgiana Smith
in Seekinng Out New Grounds (...
No New PostsChurch Ruin0 Topics - 0 Posts
And old church, be careful though, building isn't safe to move around in.
Only slayers and hunters allowed. If anyone else try and enter don't expect to get out alive.
Led By: Serena Twilight
No recent Posts
No New PostsGraveyard0 Topics - 0 Posts
Old graveyard, the youngest grave is from 1932.

Slayers and Hunters allowed only. Everyone else risks getting shot.
Led By: Fayth "Hex" Moonlight
No recent Posts
Out of Character
No New PostsGeneral Talk11 Topics - 53 Posts
Talk about anything hereLed By: Official Helpers
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No New PostsAbsent/Leaving8 Topics - 16 Posts
Will you be going away for a while or leaving us for good? Well let us know.
Sub-Boards: I'm leaving for good.
Led By: Administrators
19th Jun 12 at 3:21pm UTC by Lucian LaCroix
in My Absence
No New PostsAdvertise/Affiliate19 Topics - 21 Posts
Please go to our new forum to advertise. The link is further up.

Sub-Boards: Affiliate, Linked/Linking Back
Led By: PR Agent
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No New PostsArcade9 Topics - 466 Posts
Inside are a bunch of fun in and out of character games for you to participate in! Just make sure to read the rules. If you have a game suggestion, PM one of the staff or post in the 'suggestions' board.Led By: Official Helpers
16th Apr 12 at 12:12pm UTC by Raker Rogue
in What are you Listening to?
No New PostsGraphic Help0 Topics - 0 Posts
Need an avatar or a sig? Don't know how to make one? Well have no fear, here you can request them and a friendly soul might just help you out.Led By: Leona de Nóil Lémón
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Announcement from Admin

Posted 17 June 2012 at 1:01 PM by Leona

I have put an announcement up. So please go here and check it out.

New Polls!!!!!

Posted 17 June 2012 at 1:01 AM by Kat

Brand new set of monthly polls are up and running. You can find them here. The polls will close July 1 so don't forget to vote!!! Remember NOT to vote for yourself (as in your own characters) otherwise you will be disqualified from the next polls.


Posted 1 June 2012 at 10:20 PM by Leona

When you see a poll of some sort, then try and take the time to read what it's about and who's allowed to vote. This means in particularly the homecoming polls. They are ONLY for High School characters. So if your character isn't a high school student then DO NOT VOTE!!!! Thank you.

Splashing Colours in the Chat

Posted 30 May 2012 at 11:05 PM by Leona

It is now possible to get your name in your favourite colour, as long they don't get too close to Katie, Susie and Kat's (when she's got her colour coded). Anything in a lighter shade or in a completely different colour is possible. All you have to do is send me a PM with a colour code and I will change it asap.

New Admin

Posted 28 May 2012 at 04:25 PM by Leona

Kat has announced that she'll be moving to the Philippines to study and because of that we have announced Katie as our third admin, so I'm not completely alone and Kat can concentrate on her studies. Kat will of course try and be on as much as she can after she's moved. So if something is burning in here, then you can now ask Katie for help as well.

Don't forget to Vote

Posted 27 May 2012 at 11:25 AM by Leona

If you haven't voted for the monthly polls yet then you can still do it. Remember that you can use as many of your characters you want to vote with as long you don't vote for one of your own characters. You can find them here. The polls will close June 1. Furthermore we have two homecoming polls. So let your high school characters vote for who should be homecoming king and queen. The polls closes 9 June, you can find them in the event board.

Job Openings

Posted 12 May 2012 at 01:20 AM by Leona

We are looking for PR Agents. If you are interested then please check out the link here to find out more.


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