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Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Kalina Mendez (jean12) on 28th May 12 at 11:40pm
Kalina was laying in the bed with her eyes closed, her skin complexion was still pale compared to what it should be and she was still feeling weak from the vampire that had drank from her a few nights back. Rolling onto her stomach she buried her face into her pillow and screamed but it sounded pathetic. The scream turned into sobs as she curled up into a ball, trying to hide in the over sized sweatshirt she had on. She felt so violated, so....messed up. Kalina had never felt so abused before and she hated it with all her might. Trying to make herself invisble, her body shaking with each intake of air as she cried her heart out.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Brico (packhunter54) on 29th May 12 at 12:34am
Yes Brico was still hurting from a few days ago. The silver dagger wound still hadn't fully healed but with the help of stitches it was doing better. Splashing water in his face he looked at his wound seeing that it was almost there. But Brico couldn't say the same for Kalina. What Ben had done to her was a thousand times worse than any wound or injury he sustained. Going out of the bathroom and to the bedroom Brio found Kalina crying her eyes out again in one of his sweat shirts while he wore the sweat pants. Going to his love Brico ran his fingers threw her hair his heart aching from the site of her like this. "Kalina," he whispered knowing how she felt as he gently rolled her onto her back wiping away her tears as he ignored his own pain.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Kalina Mendez (jean12) on 29th May 12 at 12:43am
Kalina flinched at first when she felt the touch but when she realized it was Brico she leaned into and tried to quiet her cries. She didn't want him to see her like this, Kalina knew that he still hurt also although in two completely different ways. When he rolled her over she looked up at him with sad eyes, there were no longer the sparks of life in her eyes that were once always there. Kalina hadn't even had much of an appetite since the incident, it had been a fight just to get her to eat a little bit of food each day; she was like a sick dog. Kalina moved closer to Brico, trying to hide her face in his lap as she tried to silence her tears.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Brico (packhunter54) on 29th May 12 at 12:57am
He hated this all of it, all because of Ben Guruion-Alvise. Kalina barely ate and she hardly slept at night. Brico ate fairly well but didn't sleep either. He had never seen Kalina so broken. It was like the wild spirit she was just died when Ben fed from her. Running his fingers threw her hair Brico started to hum a tune he would hear Mrs. Hunter sing to her children when there was a bad storm and they were scared. At the end he bent over her and held his love close soft whimpers coming from him. "He'll pay for this Kalina, everything he did, he'll answer for." Brico promised anger rising in his chest as he shook.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Kalina Mendez (jean12) on 29th May 12 at 1:02am
"I...I feel so...violated." she uttered as she wrapped her arms around him and held on tight. "That is only something I share with you and nobody else." Kalina added as she hiccuped and looked up at him. Taking the end of the sleeve of the wet shirt she wiped her face off and took a deep shaky breath. "It is like rape but a strange version of it because it isn't rape. My personal space has been violated on a whole different level. When I sleep I see those cold eyes and feel those teeth sinking into me again which wakes me. The thought of food makes me sick. I don't know how to make it end." Kalina confessed before hiding her head back in his lap.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Brico (packhunter54) on 29th May 12 at 9:45am
Brico just listened as he held her. Looking in her eyes when she looked up at him Brico he felt his anger rising again. She seemed as if she had been hollowed out. Stopping her from hiding her face in his lap Brico had her look up at him. In his mind he saw the nights they spent together, when she opened her heart and soul to him as he did the same. Brico sent his memories of those nights to Kalina as he lightly stroked her cheek with his thumb. "The next time you see Ben's eyes, think of mine, when you think his fangs are going into you, think of my lips as I kiss you. Ben won't hurt again my love, I promise." Brico told her his face so close to her's as he held her against his chest trying to keep the pain he felt from his face.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Kalina Mendez (jean12) on 29th May 12 at 6:00pm
Kalina sniffled and hugged Brico a little too tightly and when she realized that she let go, "Are you alright? That must have hurt, I'm sorry." she said then kissed him. He was so kind to her when he too was in pain and here she was worrying about herself and not him. The memories he sent her brought a smile to her face until he mentioned Ben's name then it faded and she looked down. That name gave her the shivers, "Next time I see him I will kill him. It won't be so easy for him to get me next time. I will rip out his throat with my fangs and devour him." she growled as she got an evil look in her eyes, the killer in her showing for a second.

Re: Recovery (Brico) - Posted By Brico (packhunter54) on 29th May 12 at 8:03pm
When Kalina hugged him tightly it forced a painful grunt out of him. Looking down at her when she looked up at him he just smiled. "I'm alright love don't worry about me." Brico said noticing the change in her eyes when he mentioned Ben's name. He didn' blame her though he hated Ben too. "You might have to fight Alexandria for that. She's been wanting Ben's head forthe past hundred twenty years."he said turning her head to look at him. Brico didn't know what came overhim then. His eyes seemed to darken as he leaned closer to her but instead of kissing her lips he went for her neck. His lips lightly kissed the top of her neck as he rested a hand on her cheek. "Then you'll have to beat Richard." He whispered from under her jaw his heart beat seeming to pick up a low growl rolling threw his chest.