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Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 2:00am
Levi was going to do his family a favour and go shopping for them. Mostly for food. He figured that things were a little stressful since Grace wasn't around during the day to help out, she was now at school. And with Katie and Dastan being busy with the twins and the equestrian centre, he thought that it would save some stress by going to get food for them.
Just as he was about to leave, he noticed somebody who seemed somewhat familiar, though he had no idea who it could have been, he needed to see their face first. Of course Levi just brushed it off and decided that it was just a random who had the same back as somebody he might have known.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 2:07am
After her comedy show from the previous night, she had decided she was going to stay in town for a little bit longer before moving on. Besides, the mall has so many clothing shops, and there was so much food that she couldn't seem to get enough of, especially those burgers.
With many bags in her hands, she shuffled her way through the crowds of people, though she slowed up a little bit when she sensed something, or rather, someone, but couldn't tell who it was of course, she was just getting a feeling. But just out of sheer curiosity, she slowly looked back at the crowds before shrugging it off and continuing through the crowds. But then she frowned and swiftly turned back around to see someone she hadn't seen for over a thousand years. Lensi stared at him for a moment before yelping and dropping her shopping.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 2:17am
Levi hadn't noticed the first time that she had turned around, but when she looked back once again and dropped all of her shopping, he stopped in shock. It took him a moment to realise that it was his sister. With that, he dropped everything that was in his hands and rushed over to her. "Oh my god! Lensi!" Levi pulled her into a hug. A tear fell down his cheek. "I thought you were dead.. I thought you were gone forever." He squished her. "Oh my god.." He pulled back with an overwhelmed expression, he didn't even know where to start.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 6:28am
When he embraced her, she gasped and hugged him back. Lensi had spent all of these years wondering about her big brother, and now, at the most strangest of places she had stumbled upon him. She was of course, a little speechless, since it was still sinking in. A thousand years is a long time, a very long time. When he pulled back, she looked up at him, in awe. "I.." She began. "I thought that you were gone forever." She admitted, then hugged him again. She honestly had no idea where to begin, or what to start talking about, she couldn't think. Lensi just hugged him tighter. "You have no idea, how much I've missed you..." She says with an upset voice.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 6:57am
"Dear god.. I have no idea?.." Right now, his emotions were all over the place. "Where the hell have you been!?" He unintentionally yelled. "You just.. disappeared. I tried to so hard to find you!" So many things started to cross over his mind. "Has anybody hurt you? Were you taken?" Levi needed to know, even though it had been such a long time since she had randomly disappeared. "I'll kill anybody who has dared to hurt you." He said, and he meant it literally, he was not exactly thinking straight.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 7:04am
She opened her mouth to speak but nothing came out in time before her brother started speaking again. She started shaking her head when she was asked if anybody had hurt her and if she was taken, she raised her hand a bit as if to gesture to Levi to stop speaking. "Stop. Yes, I was taken okay? I tried to find you after I escaped..All of the people that did it are long gone, you hear me? Long, gone..Wait, where is dad?" Lensi asked, frowning, she hadn't seen him for over a thousand years also. "Where is he?!" She raised her voice when she didn't receive an answer. This had all been too sudden, she wasn't coping very well, and it was rare for her to not be able to cope with things such as this.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 7:32am
Levi frowned when she said that she had been taken, and true, it was a long time ago, but it pissed him off. And when she asked where dad was, he looked away. "He's gone." Levi said before looking back at his sister. "Hunters got to him." He says quietly. "After finding him, I only just discovered that you had disappeared..." Levi's eyes started to swell up a bit from the image implanted into his mind. In a way, he had been glad his sister hadn't been there, she didn't have to see the scene. "I killed them all for what they did." He added, not caring if anybody was hearing their conversation.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 7:59am
Lensi had a feeling that her dad hadn't made it. She could feel a knot in her throat as she thought about it. Lensi didn't want her brother to speak of it any further. "Please.." She shook her hands, wanting him to stop. "Damn it.." She raised a hand to her forehead. It was so long ago, there was no point in mourning his death now. "Well, what's done is done..Let's not spend this time mourning his death." She looked up at Levi with narrowed eyebrows. "There's so much to talk about.. And let our father rest in peace." She smiled. "Well.. Enough grim, c'mon, tell me where the hell you've been Levi."

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 8:39am
Levi understood that she didn't want to know the full details and agreed to not spending the time all upset for something that happened and had been dealt with so long ago. "I buried him." Levi added as a last resort. He did bury him, in the forest, well, what was left of him anyway. He then let out a sigh before clearing his head free of the memory. "Not until you tell me what you've been up to. Who's the love of your life?" He asks outright. "I want to meet him." Levi says in a demanding tone. Of course, he was just playing the role of 'over-protective brother'. Levi then remembered that they had both dropped their shopping, so he looked down to it all and smiled a bit before picking up Lensi's shopping and handing it to her. Then he went over to his own and picked it all up before gesturing to his sister to join him at a table.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 8:54am
Lensi nodded when her brother admitted to burying their father. "Good." She smiled. Then when he asked her about 'the love of her life', she grinned slightly before taking the shopping that was handed to her, then followed him over to a free table and sat down. "Well, I refuse to let you meet him..." She chuckled a bit when he frowned in response. "Calm down. He doesn't even exist." She admits. It was true, she hadn't met the right one yet. "All men are douche bags if you ask me." She rolls her eyes and sighs, her eyes fixating on all of that food Levi seemed to have bought. "Oh my.. You have a family don't you. All of that food can't possibly be for yourself.." She raised an eyebrow.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 9:13am
He was about to become cranky when she said that she refused to let him meet her love, though, he calmed down a bit when she claimed that she didn't love anybody yet. "Really? You still haven't found him, after all of these years?" He seems a little sad. at the thought of her being all alone this whole time. Then when she noticed that he had quite a lot of food with him, he smiled warmly. "Well, yes..Two fully grown twins, one of them works at the hospital, and the other runs an equestrian centre with his wonderful family. Dastan runs the centre, and Holden works at the hospital. Dastan has three children, one girl and two little boys. Grace, Harry and George. D has a wonderful wife named Katie, though Holden hasn't met anybody yet." Levi says with a smile. "You really need to meet them." He nods.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 9:48am
Lensi was grinning throughout the whole description of her brother's family, or rather, they were her family too. "Oh my goodness! I must meet them!" She said joyfully. It felt so great that she was not alone in this world after all, even though she could perfectly cope with being alone at the moment. Then it occurred to Lensi that her brother did not mention his own partner. "Uh, Levi, what about your partner? I would like to meet her too." She says, hoping that something hadn't happened to her, which of course, was most likely the case if he hadn't chosen to mention her.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 8th Jun 12 at 10:26am
Of course, Lensi brings up the fact that he hadn't mentioned his own partner. "Unfortunately... I lost her a while ago." He twists his mouth to the side. "That's a whole different story that I might tell another day, definitely not now." Levi says, trying not to think about it. He wasn't willing to go through the whole terrible story about selling his children, he would honestly never forgive himself for that, because if he didn't do that, then he would still have his partner, and he would have been able to raise his children, then again, Grace and the twins wouldn't exist if it had occurred the other way around. "Well, maybe I should arrange a little get-together, so I can introduce you to the family properly, or rather, you could meet them later on, but it would be better if you met them all at once, Holden would need to plan ahead due to his job." He says. "Tell me what you've been up to. Please.."

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 8th Jun 12 at 11:34am
Lensi looked to him sympathetically when he said that he had lost his partner a while ago. "Levi, I'm sorry.." She just nodded and kept quiet when he said that he would tell her story another day, she wasn't going to hassle him about her, the last thing she wanted was for him to become upset. Another thing she wanted to ask him was how he had been managing his feral mind outbreaks during this whole time, but again, she didn't want to upset him or tick him off somehow. After all, she wasn't sure how much he had changed, she didn't know what pissed him off and what didn't these days. "Of course, but organise something asap..I wanna meet them all." She smiled before thinking about what she had been up to. "Well, I'm a comedian.." She laughed. "Have been for quite some time actually." Lensi admitted. She had been making people laugh since the very early days.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 9th Jun 12 at 7:39am
He shook his head when Lensi apologised. "No..It's fine." He said, nodding. Then when she said that he had to organise something asap, he also nodded. "Yeah, I will get straight to it. But be patient, I think they're all a little pressured at the moment, so I don't want to fluster them all." He smiled. Then when his sister claimed to be a comedian, he grinned. "Really? A comedian? Wow.." Levi continued to chuckle a bit. "And what exactly is, quite some time..supposed to mean?" He asked with raised eyebrows. It was good to know that his sister had been making people laugh and all that, but was she really happy? Deep down inside she might be hiding something.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 9th Jun 12 at 7:50am
Of course, Lensi just decided to leave the story about her brother's lost partner rather than asking any more questions. "Well..." She began. "I guess you could say about.. the last 400 years or so I have been entertaining people." She nodded, sometimes back in the day I would get in trouble for making the public laugh. It's really weird how all of these rules just, change over time, or rather, no weird, but just... you get what I mean any way." She grinned and gestured. "You know.. there is so much to talk about but now that we've met again, I can't think of anything to talk about." Lensi laughed. "I've missed you so much, this is just too overwhelming. I can't even think."

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 9th Jun 12 at 8:02am
Levi raised an eyebrow when she said that she had been making people laugh for the last 400 years or so. "I can imagine so.. But nobody has hurt you right?" He asks once again. "Hey I was just about to say that. I have, so much to say, yet I can't think of anything. At all. This is almost unreal. I mean, after all this time, after everything, I've found you. Right here, in this shopping centre." Levi narrows his eyebrows. "But I'm serious Lensi, if you have any sorts of problems with any other werewolves or vampires, tell me, because I will, deal with them. I won't let anybody take you away, ever again." Levi says, even though she had been young when she was taken, and now, she was very capable of handling things.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Lensi Ferdinand (lensi) on 9th Jun 12 at 8:47am
"Levi. Stop.. Nobody hurt me.. And nobody is hassling me, calm down already. Plus, I can handle myself quite well thank you very much. I'm only a few years younger than you y'know.." She rolled her eyes and shook her head. "Shush about me being hurt when I wasn't even hurt, tell me what you were like around 400 years ago. What did you do and where did you go?" She asks. Lensi wasn't one to talk about what she had been up to, since she had already experienced it, she hated to have to just, tell her stories, she'd rather just remember them and keep them to herself.

Re: Very long time no see [Lensi+open] - Posted By Levi Casimir (levi) on 9th Jun 12 at 9:24am
"Sorry but.." He stopped when he saw the irritated look on his sister's face. "Fine.." He sighed and shrugged a bit. Then when he was asked about what he was like and what he was up to around 400 years ago. "Well.. Oh, I was close to Leonardo da Vinci. How could I possibly forget him?" Levi smiled. "He was a truly, amazing person, and he kept secrets like nobody else I've ever met. I could tell him anything that I wanted. Even today, he is a very underrated being." He says with a smile, thinking back to it all. "And during that time, I have to admit, I was a bit of a flirt. Of course, this was all before I met my dearest.." Levi laughed a bit at the memories.